Investors' Breakfast

This event is now fully booked, sorry!

Interested in investing in Passive House buildings? Talk to the expert about the challenges and rewards! Chris Nunn is Head of Sustainability at AMP Capital Real Estate, with a property portfolio valued at approximately A$26 billion, mainly in Australia and NZ. Chris is also at the spearhead of the Passive House movement in Australia, and therefore uniquely positioned to connect the dots between Passive Houses and sound investor decisions.

Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Institutional Investor interest, particularly impact investors, in green real estate and the appetite for Passive House;
  • Challenges securing loans to build Passive House buildings, in particular the treatment of prefabricated components like modular wall and roof panels, dealing with banks, negotiating payment points and cycles;
  • Making the business case for Passive House - justifying higher capex versus lower operating costs, and the split incentive problem;
  • Moving beyond simple payback considering capital costs versus energy savings to realising a value premium for the health and comfort benefits of Passive House buildings.
The workshop runs from 9-10 am on Friday, 08 February 2019.