Confirmed speakers

Priscila Besen Priscila is a Brazilian architect with a background in thermal comfort and building energy efficiency research at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina as well as LEED certification consultancy for a number of commercial and mixed-use buildings in Brazil. She moved to New Zealand in 2015 to study for a Master of Architecture in Sustainable Design at the University of Auckland, with a research focus on the ongoing performance of Passive Houses built in New Zealand. Her special interest is in Passive House design for warm climates. She currently works as a graduate architect at Woods Consultants in Auckland, where she focuses on multi-unit residential projects.
Enrico Bonilauri A native of Cavriago, Italy, Enrico has a background in sustainable architecture with a specialty in building envelope design and analysis. As a registered Italian architect and a Certified Passive House Consultant, he has extensive work experience in Australia, Europe, and North America. He is particularly skilled in performing detailed computer simulations for thermal, hygrometric and economic analyses, informed by the thousands of hours he has spent on varied construction sites.
Elrond Burrell Elrond is passionate about improving people’s quality of life, health and environmental impact by designing beautiful, sustainable, high-performance architecture. He is an Architect, Passive House Designer, writer & speaker with over 18 years of experience. His areas of expertise include large-scale Passive House, timber construction, and environmental materials. He is a strong advocate for Building Information Modelling for sustainable design. Elrond returns from a hugely successful career in England to his native New Zealand this year.
Rob Brimblecombe Rob is a practicing building scientist, who manages the Engineering and Sustainability team at Monash University (Australia), overseeing the design and delivery of campus buildings and the University’s sustainability program. He lectures in energy efficiency and renewables, and is co-author (with Kara Rosemeier) of the soon to be published book Positive Energy Homes: Passive Houses for better living, a practical guide to Passive Housing.
Adam Cohen As an active design/builder and green building expert, Adam is a leading North American Passive House practitioner whose innovative work on market rate delivery of commercial high-performance building has made his expertise sought-after for projects across North America. As a recognised national leader in the Passive House movement, he has presented technical papers at both national and international Passive House conferences. His leadership in commercial Passive House design has made him a sought-after speaker, consultant and teacher of advanced courses in Passive House ultra-low energy design. He served as Vice-Chair of the Passive House Institute US technical committee for 5 years and is co-creator and teacher of Passive House Institute US’s builder training curriculum.
Jessica Grove-Smith Part of the research team at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany since 2008, Jessica graduated with a master’s degree in physics (MPhys) from the University of Sussex in England. The application of the Passive House concept in different climate zones and for indoor swimming pools have recently been a focus of her work, as well as contributions to the renewable primary energy assessment method that has been introduced for the new Passive House classes Classic, Plus and Premium.
Barry McCarron Barry has been the Research and Development Coordinator for the award winning CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies) Pavilion at South West College in Northern Ireland since 2013. He is an MSc graduate of the Queens University Belfast, and also completed a HND in Building Engineering and Project Management. Recently, he ahs undertaken a PhD in Queen’s University Belfast to research the Passive House Standard and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive requires all new buildings to be nearly zero-energy by the end of 2020. He has more than ten years’ experience with the construction Industry and specialises in Sustainable Construction and renewables Micro Generation, and is part of the team at South West College working towards developing the College into a Regional Centre of Excellence for Passive House.
Stephen McNeil Stephen McNeil has 15 years experience working for BRANZ as a building physicist originally in the Built Environment group and now with the Building Performance group. He specialises in all aspects of heat and mass transfer modelling including analysing moisture movement in building components. His current research interests involve the application of the WUFI range of computer models in NZ, as well as improving the ventilation module within it. He also has an interest in ventilation, its energy impact, and its role in effective moisture management for living spaces and subfloors. Stephen has an ongoing collaboration with the Fraunhofer institute for building physics in Germany, helping to write and develop their WUFI range of computer models, benchmarking results against the BRANZ experimental programme.
Andrew Michler Andrew found his way to a pine forest in the Colorado Rockies where he has lived off-grid for 20 years. He has built and written extensively on environmental architecture. His book Hyperlocalisation of Architecture is published by eVolo Press. He has designed and built the first certified International Passive House in Colorado which is also foam free.
Emma Osmundsen Housing Development Manager, Exeter City Council. Emma is a Chartered Building Surveyor with 20 years professional experience of development within the public, private and charitable sector. She heads up a development team at Exeter City Council responsible for delivering new affordable housing across the city, and a portfolio of commercial buildings including a new leisure centre and bus station, all built to Certified Passive House standard.
Clare Parry Clare is Director and Principal Consultant at GrĂ¼n Consulting, and Chair of the Australian Passive House Association. She has had a life-long interest in sustainability and design, using holistic approaches to achieve sustainable measures and provide a better outcome in the longer term, both for the building user & the environment. Her focus is on building performance, and she works extensively with the Passive House standard as a Designer and Certifier.
Jason Quinn Jason is an ex-NASA International Professional engineer now working as a Passive House Designer/Certifier and building scientist. He is happiest solving tough technical problems and focuses on the intersection of physics and the design of buildings. He has outspoken views on New Zealand housing and is deeply concerned about fuel poverty and poorly designed buildings' impacts on the health of individuals and society.
Joel Seagren Joel serves as Fantech Australia's Intelligent Ventilation Solutions Engineer and designs MVHR solutions for the Australian market. He holds a Bach of Mech Eng and Masters of Science (Building Energy Efficiency).
Harley Truong Harley is an engineer and Certified Passive House Designer involved in numerous Passive House projects around Australia. His mission is to see as many Passive House projects as possible to be built, certified and monitored. Starting with two certified houses in Canberra, his goal is to use them to gather data to inform designers, policy makers and prospective homeowners.
Sonia Zouari Harley is an engineer and Certified Passive House Designer involved in numerous Passive House projects around Australia. His mission is to see as many Passive House projects as possible to be built, certified and monitored. Starting with two certified houses in Canberra, his goal is to use them to gather data to inform designers, policy makers and prospective homeowners.